Booster Juice

You haven't had a smoothie until you've had one from Booster Juice! With 3+ servings of fruit in every cup, amazing flavours, and no added or artificial sugars, their smoothies are bound to leave you both satisfied and wanting more.

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Victoria's Pizza

Every city has that 1 pizza place that's most renowned for the best dough, best crust, and best toppings. In Guelph, that's Victoria's Pizza.

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Pita Pit

With a wide variety of meat, vegetables and sauces, give your kids exactly what they want for lunch. Pita Pit is a great lunch for any day of the week, and a fresh alternative to those same sandwiches we've been serving kids for years.

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Your Restaurant?

Have you got a restaurant that has products a school would like? Talk to us to learn how you can get started. Together we can provide children with a product they'll love, and provide schools with an easy way to fundraise.

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